Vulcan Video… XH558 over Wyton.

A little video I'd shot yesterday on one of it's passes….


Vulcan over Wyton :: 25.IX.14

On it's "Cold War Tour - 2014", XH558 included RAF Wyton as one of it's waypoints - would have been silly not to try and catch a glimpse of the old bird! From the cars and people stationed around the local roads many others thought the same!!


No room at the Inn….

Left home at 7.25am to go to Duxford for today's show (normally 25 minute trip). Spent the next 1½ hours parked at various points on the final mile of the M11(S) hard shoulder approaching the J10/A505 exit. 
Once off the M11 and on the approach road to DX, traffic was flowing a bit easier, but by the time I could see the entrance to the "Meadow" car park, they closed it and announced that only way in now was by foot or Park & Ride.
With word that only a limited number of tickets were available through the main visitor entrance, and seeing the P&R buses arriving pretty much crammed to overflowing, I decided to head back home.
(Trumpington P&R was declared full/closed on the local radio at about 11.30…)

I will stake out my windbreak against the garden fence, fill it with folding chairs, make myself a watery coffee and watch for anything flying around the local area!

I may strike lucky and catch a glimpse of the 2Lancs returning to base…


Duxford :: 12.IX.14 :: Airshow Friday

With the prospect of the Sunday being packed to overflowing (or closed due to over demand more like) I took a trip in today for a wander around.
Spitfire HF MkIXe TD314 departs for practice display.

On return she was producing puffs of black...

…and as soon as the wheels were on terra firma,
the engine was cut and the aircraft coasted to a halt.
German registered T-6 D-FUKK took off for a DA practice...

…that was interrupted by the arrival of Hunter T7 WV372

Approach to the AAM...

TFC's Curtiss P-40F Warhawk went up for some practice.

Aircraft removed from H3 for access...

Knee pads on...