Mustang Roundup....

A collection of the Mustangs I have snapped over the years...
(One or two a/c have changed schemes over the years :: serial numbers are as issued by manufacturer so may differ from actual scheme worn :: Source MustangsMustangs.net) 

P-51B 43-24837 'Berlin Express"

CA-18Mk22 A68-192 as 44-72218 'Big Beautiful Doll' 

P-51D 44-73979 'Etta Jeanne II' (Prev disp as 'Big Beautiful Doll')

P-51D 44-73149 'Ferocious Frankie' (PKA Candyman/Moose)

P-51K 44-12016 'Fragile But Agile'

P-51 44-12852 'Frenesi'

The Horsemen P-51 Flight Team 

P-51D 44-74391 'The Hun Hunter/Texas' (pka "February")

P-51D 44-72216 'Miss Helen'

Moonbeam McSwine and "TF-871" D-TFSI
P-51Ds 44-73871 'TF-871' & 44-12473 'Moonbeam McSwine'

TF-51D 44-84847 'Miss Velma'
P-51D 44-73656 'Moonbeam McSwine'

44-73877 Mustang IV KH774 'The Shark' (PKA P-51D 'Old Crow')

NA A-36 Apache 42-83731

P-51D 44-74427 'Nooky Booky IV'

P-51D 44-73877 'Warhorse' (PKA 'The Shark' & 'Old Crow')

TF-51D 44-14251 'Contrary Mary' (PKA 'Miss Velma')
P-51C 43-25147 'Princess Elizabeth'

P-51D 44-13317 'Donald'

Cavalier F-51D 44-10753 'It's about Time'

P-51D 44-73877 'Old Crow' (now 'Warhorse')

P-51D 44-63864 'Twilight Tear'?

'Nooky Booky IV', P-51D 45-11518 'Janie' & 'Big Beautiful Doll'


P-51D 44-74391 "February" now "Hun Hunter/Texas"

 P-51D- 5NA 44-13521 "Marinell " (20/7/23 at ARCo Duxford)


Mustang Flight DVD has 'landed'...

Quick screen shot until I can edit the 50 mins down a bit!