OTD 76 years ago :: Jolly Duck

Image : Jollyduck.com

 The  USAAF 392BG/578th Sqn (H) B-24 Liberator 42-95241, known as "Jolly Duck", crashed near Zoeterwoude, Netherlands after 37 missions. Her crew all survived the crash, some escaping capture, while others became POWs. One crew member, Waist Gunner S/Sgt John McCormick remained in enemy occupied territory and assisted the Dutch resistance until he was killed in a fire fight with German troops.

I came across this story while watching the gun camera film of the two Spitfires dispatched to strafe the remains of the B-24 a few days after the aircraft crashed. 


Mission report - https://b24.net/MM022245.htm

The John McCormick Story - https://www.b24.net/storiesMcCormick.htm

Pics of her can be found on row four on this page - https://www.b24.net/aircraftPhotos.htm

The Facebook page of  Maarten Havinga, who has spent years researching the crash and the fate of the crew, recovered aircraft parts during digs and is still  recovering artefacts from the area of the crash site...