Saunter :: 25.IV.18

Sally B is now out of her winter quarters, Spitfire Mk FRXVIIIe SM845 sat out in the sunshine, Spitfire T9 PT462 and Mustang IV "Sharkmouth" down at ARCo end of site...


19.IV.18 :: Late afternoon amble...

MH434 and PT462 getting some TLC this afternoon...


The Two Seat Spitfire Page book

I've been adding photos to the Facebook group, "The Two Seat Spitfire Page", as and when I have had the chance to capture the T9 residents/visitors at Duxford, and when the owner, Greg Davis, ran a "design a logo" competition my submission won, so I was pleased that it has been included on the cover of his newly published book.

It's a round up of all the two seater Spitfires extant today, and a handy reference for those interested in this mark of Spitfire or who may have had the opportunity to fly in/fly a Spitfire.

It can be purchased here - 


April 15 1945 - Liberation of Bergen-Belsen

I visited Belsen in 1981 - something I will never forget....



Dropped in to DX as the sun had finally broken through - busy GA fly in day today and a GeekCon event in Airspace.
Managed to catch PT462 with her tail feathers attached and giving rides -
Classic Wings Tiger Moths were also busy with passenger flights...


Saunter:: 13.IV.18

Managed to grab a few quick snaps as KH774 was pulled out of H3...

Spitfire T9 NH341, MkIX TD314 and Mustang IV KH774...


Saunter:: 12.IV.18

As it seems to be the topic (or at least was) over on a historic aviation forum, thought I'd take a photo of the DH.9 today on the way in to work...
Also the Sea Fury SR661...
Opposite ends of the piston power spectrum.


Saunter 4.IV.18

56th Rescue Squadron HH60 Pave Hawk was operating at DX today - making a breezy day a little bit more breezy...