ML295, PV202, PT462 & TD314 at Duxford...

My quest to catch ML295/DB•M was fulfilled today when I popped into Duxford for a couple of hours. 
MkIX TD314 /FX•P/"St George" was sat out awaiting "Parky" to take her aloft for some tests.
PV202 and PT462 were also operating although a delay in PV202 departing probably disrupted any Spitfire Pair experience!...


Spitfire T9 PV202 new scheme...

I did venture down to Duxford on Easter Sunday in the hope of catching PV202 in her new livery as "JW" (and maybe even ML295/DB•M) but all the action had taken place on the day before!
So this morning I was happy to have PV202/"JW" doing some 'aeros' in the vicinity of my home!!!

I believe that the new scheme of PV202 depicts that of Spitfire ML365 "JW", the 'personal aircraft' of Gp Capt P R "Johnnie" Walker, when he commanded No 135 Wing, based at B65 Maldeghem, Belgium, November 1944 and also featured the famous striding red coated logo of the "Johnnie Walker" whisky brand (yet to be applied to PV202...)