Hang 'em high….

As the IWM slowly runs out of 'drawing pins', the "little boys bedroom ceiling" is almost full.
Today the P-47 "Oregons Britannia" was being fixed in place and next up, "Etta Jeanne II"…


Spitfire tail chase BoB 75th Anniversary Airshow - Duxford

Just a short part of the 15 minute Spitfire Crescendo from Saturday shot/edited on iPhone. No Oscars sought for cinematography, just shot to capture the sound! (Click on YouTube link for full size video)


A brief look back to 3 months ago...

A shortened version of the video from my flight in Spitfire MkIX T9 MJ627



A quartet of McLarens were on site today for a photo shoot with the SR-71 - around about a million quids worth if you load up the option lists on them.
From the left (if my model identification is correct) : 570S (£145,000), 675LT (centre) £259,500, orange 650S Spider (£215,000) and the 650S (furthest away) costs £195,000!
Maybe TFC are branching out into the world of exotic car sales!

I could only snap them with a B-29/Victor backdrop...

Meanwhile, elsewhere…

The F-4 and A-10 have now been moved back into the AAM, the U-2 is now hung up and the B-52 was about to be towed back down to sit outside Airspace. 



MH434 and Frankie awaiting departure.
AAM starting to fill up
Next up for being slung up...


Spitfire T9 MJ772 in off field landing.

Spitfire MkIX T9 MJ772 NL•R (D-FMKN) belonging to Hangar 10 was involved in a forced landing in a field in Kent today. The pilot Rob Davies was uninjured after the aircraft developed engine problems according to the report on the Kent Online newspaper website
Photo Kent Online Newspaper

The aircraft belongs to Air Fighter Academy/Hangar 10 based in Northern Germany.

This aircraft has suffered forced landings previously, the most recent being in May 2012…

Hopefully it can be repaired again and back in the air!