"Britain At War" magazine - June 2015 issue

Last month I happened to spot a letter in the Britain At War magazine regarding the fate of Paddy Finucane and whether or not his body was perhaps found but misidentified or buried in an 'unmarked' grave.
I'd mentioned Paddy Finucane here back in 2009, after watching a clip of him attacking shipping on 14.VII.42, and discovering his loss the next day after being hit by ground fire and ditching in the Channel.
So I sent an email to the editor about the footage of Finucane. I included a photo of Paddy given to me by the Niven family as I thought it was probably one never seen before, as it was in John Niven's logbook.
I also mentioned some of the other "discoveries" thrown up during my research. This email was really just 'informal', so imagine my surprise when I opened this months edition to find it in the letters page!!!!

Signed photo in John Niven's logbook for period  8/6/42 - 16/6/42


Frankie Sharky Velma

Part II

The flying display was opened with the sight and sound of a Typhoon
in an unfamiliar but pleasing paint job...

Some nice displays today but a frustrating one photographically - too many blurred shots. Going to have to figure out where I am going wrong

Duxford :: 23.V.15 :: VE Anniversary Airshow

Some initial shots from today.


Duxford :: 20.V.15 :: Airshow getting close...

"Sharky" was putting on some great routines...

Off up again.

T-33 now in Airspace...

…one end of which is getting snug.

B-25 in the 'spray booth'.

B-29 awaiting reinsertion into the AAM


Mustang IV KH774 GA-S (44-11602) No.112 Sqdn RAF - "SharkMouth"

Duxford :: 13.V.15 :: Yippee!

A sunny day at Duxford and some good photo opportunities with the contents of the American Air Museum gradually getting relocated.
I finally got to see the "Sharkmouth" Mustang IV KH774 GA-S (44-11602) No.112 Sqdn RAF, (formerly 44-73877 N167F "Old Crow") and a cracking display was put on - I'd hung around after taking some shots of the B-52, so my patience was rewarded!!

Nieuport 17
Hawk 75 - soon to be joined by a shiny Curtis P-36... 


Star Wars Day Duxford...

May the fourth be with you

Swung by Duxford today on a whim and in an attempt to catch the new residents of Airspace before it gets too crowded in there…

Almost a full side on view of the SR71...

The pointy end.

D-FLAK went up later for a couple of passes then departed area

"Miss Pick Up" did a couple of passes before landing

Unexpected display by one of the North Weald Gnats...

…brought back memories of the type in use by the Red Arrows

And a wander up to the AAM allowed an unobstructed view of the residents awaiting relocation - just the removal of the glass and mullions changes the whole aspect of the building...