Mustang III

Not having sufficient beer tokens to buy the real thing, I spotted a future release by Hobbymaster of a 1/48th scale Mustang III announced a few months ago. FFWD to this week and the postman delivered it today.

It's my first die cast model (and probably last!*) and is pretty good quality with options to configure the u/c to be either up or down and bombs or long range tanks under the wings. It's got a bit of weight and has a lot of detail on it. A stand is provided to allow for the 'in-flight' display option.
It represents a Mustang III FZ190 of 441 Squadron RCAF from May 1945.
If I still had the steady hand and hawk eyes of a teenager I'd probably opt to build a plastic kit of something from the RAF Mustang 'inventory', but age has taken it's toll!
I've viewed footage of 441 Squadron gun camera film, mostly from 1944 when they flew Spitfires (MkIX), so not an unknown squadron to me.

I got the model from Flying Tigers and they have quite an interesting range of aircraft to choose from.

*only due to lack of space! 



Spotted the other day overflying my patch…

Space saving tip...

Got a couple of small lenses rattling around in your camera bag?
Spotted this tip in a photo mag - using double sided tape, or one of those thin foam sticky pads, stick the end protective caps together and then place back onto lenses.
Here I have joined my 9-18mm and 15mm Body Cap Lens together and the combined length is about the same as 12-50mm 'kit' lens that came with the camera.


"D-DAY RAF" - WHSmith special...

A "bookazine" (as I call them) available as an 'Exclusive to WHSmith' entitled "D-DAY RAF - The RAF's Part In The Great Invasion" by S/L Clive Rowley MBE RAF (Retd) has a 4 page feature, "D-Day Survivor 1", starting on page 24 about Flt Lt Tony Cooper of 64 Squadron. 
Priced at £6.99 it covers the work carried out by fighters to bombers to transports and coastal command ops during D-Day.


Duxford :: 12.VII.14 :: Legends Saturday & Sunday

Started out as another grey day with low cloud and as a result many gaps on the flight line from missing aircraft 'locked' in over the Channel.
Got to midday and the sun started to burn off the cloud - and it soon got hot!

Some images from the few I took today - decided to sit back and just enjoy the display via the ol' Mk1 eyeball…

The shiny P-40C


Spitfires forming up north of the airfield...
…and around again.
P-26 display 

Bit late for the Balbo?….

Joker slot...

A reduced Balbo - 16 aircraft and one crow...

..::SUNDAY 13.VII.14::..

A few shots from today - no apologies for the Spitfire overload - how much longer will there be four Mk1s together in one place?
Weather was a bit wetter today - almost monsoon-like at a couple of points during the flight line walk - thankfully the weather god decided to look kindly on the afternoon!

Shelter from the downpour - Spitfire wing...
Show opened with a Spitfire Balbo - a Spilbo?...
MK912, ML407, MH434

TD248, BM597, EP120, SM845

P9374, X4560, P7308, N3200

Fly Navy…


Duxford :: 11.VII.14 :: Fly-in Friday - The Gathering Storm

After a dreech start to the morning and a cloud base at about 500' (Catalina took off and was quickly swallowed up!) things started to 'warm up' as aircraft were positioned out on the Flightline in preparation for the weekend.
Peashooter getting some film work done...

Most of the morning the Red Bulls B-25 was the only thing out...
TFCs LF Mk Vb EP120

Bremont Mk1s striking a pose...

Red Bull gives you wings?


Peashooter taxis out

Simply Spitfire MkIX MK805 arrives

Tight squeeze!

Watch your six...

Almost done...

Connie arrives at last...

Shiny shiny Tomahawk...

Finishing touches to MK805.


Flying Legends 2014 :: 12/13.VII.14

Should be there on Saturday (as a spectator) and Sunday (as a HiViz obstruction) so if you see me stop and say hello.
Also hope to pop in tomorrow (Friday) if I happen to be, as Jibber Chabbert would say, in ze arrhoea……

Chocks haway!!!


Duxford :: 7.VII.14 :: Things warming up...

Today's dawdle around the site, after the obligatory lunchtime visit to Wing Co Joe's Cafe, saw a few aircraft sat out prior to going up for some flying. That of course happened after I returned to my place of work on the north side!!! Missed a display by the Buchon and Spitfire but heard it and caught glimpses over the rooftops of the north side buildings...

Flying Legends run-up week is on us and no doubt I'll try and get a visit on Friday.


KH774 (GA•S) Mustang IV/P-51D

Nice to read (and see) an 'alert' over on In Reach Of The Skies that the iconic P-51 Mustang will finally be getting some RAF roundels again (on this side of the pond at least!).
The P-51D, previously known as 44-73877 N167F "Old Crow" will now carry the markings of KH774 GA•S of 112 Squadron RAF - a "Mustang IV" in RAF'ese.

Image Lee Weston/Flying Legends Airshow Facebook Group
Mustang IV, No.112 Sqdn. KH774 GA-S (44-11602),
flown by Lt Blanchford 6/5/45
Image/Info http://raf-112-squadron.org

This is a very pleasing development for this Mustang fan at least - my desire to see a Mustang III in the UK skies is well known to those who know me. But a Mustang IV will do very nicely thank you.

The birth (and development) of the P-51 Mustang is intertwined with British involvement - without the British need for more fighters, NAA might not have had the chance to build the P-51. The first operational Mustangs were in RAF service. With the British suggestion to replace the Allison with a Merlin, due to poor high altitude, the Mustang was transformed into the fighter it became. 

So, fitting that a Mustang will carry RAF colours in the UK again and hopefully will be a regular at Duxford for a long time to come...


Duxford :: 2.VII.14

From yesterday - didn't spot the "Peashooter" - maybe I didn't stick my head far enough through H2's door…


Soon to be gone?

Only a week left to "glue" this together!