Airshow Noshow

A small selection of photos I took at the September Air Show 2017  - about as close to seeing the same sight this year after I decided not to go to the September air show at Duxford.
I'd got complimentary tickets for the Saturday but when I went to buy a parking permit towards the end of August (with still a month to go) they'd all gone.
The weather forecast and prospect of trying to park at an external site and get bussed in/out added to the decision to miss this year.
The forecast for Sunday looked even worse so hope the 25,000 or so ticket holders at least get some flying for their money.

Next year I'll get the parking permit as early as possible! Now, where did I put that 17 Spitfire tailchase video from 2015?...


DX TX : 19.IX.18

Very windy day at Duxford today - very little out on the airfield, and if it isn't tied down it may end up in Norfolk! ARCo's Stephenson Hangar full to the brim and hard to get a decent shot from the "viewing room" due to the pesky reflections. But PV202 and PT462 were inside amongst other aircraft (total of 8 x Spitfire, 2 x P-51, 1 x Buchon as far as I could see).


DX TX :: 13.IX.19 :: Sunny Saunter...

After lunch a saunter around the site to see what was what...

EP120 outside H2

PT462 gets some engine fettling

N3200 and TD314 enjoy some September sunshine

MiG 15 and Vampires on jet pan (vintage filter)

EP120 from another angle

MH434 with temporary codes 

Hurricane Mk1 V7497 flew in - soon to be a permanent resident
The vintage jets again...


"Wingman" on board...

"Maya" has a buddy....
Been on 'squadron strength' for just over a month now.