Hangarage Reportage :: 31.X.18 :: 🎃👻

A few photos from today's saunter round post lunch...
H3 looking pretty packed and in the Conservation Hangar the Victor is down to the metal - time to get polishing?


DX TX :: Rudolph the red nosed Spitfire...

As previously spotted, PV202 has acquired a new spinner colour to match other residents of the ARCo stable?
And T9 NH341 "Elizabeth" arrived for her winter stay.


DX TX :: 10.X.18 :: saunter

Wander round today was interrupted by the Sea Fury SR661 doing some spirited aeros, PV202 looks to have got a seasonal delivery job, PT462 has some new 'markings' and "Contrary Mary" was out and about as well...