A windy last 'report' of 2015.

The framework for the "Lancaster Hangar" is now up. It may have walls and a roof next time I see it!


To all readers and comment contributors - thanks for your interest during 2015...

As the year comes to a close, 2015 will be remembered by myself for a long time, for obvious reasons!

I wonder what 2016 will bring?...

1942 RAF training film - "Bullseye Interception"

One 1942 film called "Bullseye Interception"  that I'm currently accessioning, is about how fighter control coordinated interception of German bombers (AA, Searchlights and night fighters).

On the wall of the sector ops room, along with squadron status, weather etc was a list of R/T Codes - many are well known but a couple of new ones to me

  • Scramble - Take off and climb
  • Saunter - Fly slowly as possible without losing height
  • Liner - Fly at economical cruising speed
  • Buster - Fly at normal full speed
  • Gate - Fly at maximum permissible speed (5 mins only)
  • Angels - Operate at height ____ ft
  • Vector - Set course ____ degrees
  • Steer - Set course for home ____ degrees
  • Orbit - Circle and search
  • Bogey - Unidentified aircraft
  • Bandit - Enemy aircraft
  • Tally Ho - Enemy sighted
  • Pancake - Land and Refuel
  • Popeye - In cloud
  • Mattress - Below cloud
  • Quilt - Above cloud


Duxford's new hangar...

Progress on the new "Lancaster" hangar.

Meanwhile, over t'road, the OM xmas tree is lit up…


Blue and silver...

From the blue of the Yak to the Jungmann and some silver left out... 


A little sky blue to brighten up a dull day…



Northside at DX and it looks like the work on the renovation/conversion of the Officer's Mess to a "Business Centre" is complete (apart from some tweaks)…