Duxford today...

P-51D "Marinell" outside for some work - return to the air getting closer? Also, three Spitfire T9s parked up - PT462 had been up during the morning.



"Duxford In A Different Light : Battle Of Britain"

Some of the images I managed to take while working this evenings photoshoot event...


Duxford today

I managed to grab my camera to catch Spitfire Mk1a P7308/XR•D/G-AIST taking off.

Meanwhile basking in the heat was Spitfire MkIX ML417, converted to T9 by Vickers as part of a batch of ten Spitfire trainers for the Indian Air Force and allocated the serial HS543 which was restored to single seat configuration in the 1980s. She probably thought she was back in India!...