Hurricane :: Unsung Hero Exhibition :: IWM Duxford

As mentioned in my previous post I managed to see the "Hurricane - Unsung Hero" exhibition currently running in Airspace at IWM Duxford. I had obviously picked a quiet time to have a look as there were only a handful of visitors in the hall although it had been busier in the morning according to one volunteer on duty. 

Nice to see the Sea Hurricane Ib Z7015 present and Hurricane IIb BE505 "Pegs", the world's only two seater, on display.
Absent from the exhibition was Hurricane I V7497/SD-X/G-HRLI which had been moved to ARCo for some essential servicing. 

Hurricane Ib R4118/G-HUPW

Sea Hurricane Ib Z7105/G-BKTH

Hurricane XIIa R4175/G-HURI

Hurricane I P2902/G-ROBT

Hurricane I P3717/G-HITT

World's only Two Seat Hurricane IIb BE505/G-HHII

Hurricane IIb BE505/G-HHII

Sea Hurricane Ib Z7105

BE505 & Z7105


  1. Thanks for posting. Really want to visit this ..but just can't face the schlepp through the tunnel and up the M11

  2. That "London" gets in the way - have the same reluctance when I fancy a visit to Biggin Hill. And to think I used to drive regularly through the centre of London en route from Dover to the M1 North!!!